What to Expect After the Request Quote Form

Thank you for your interest in Gina’s Balloon Decor! Obviously, you have great taste and know that balloons never go out of style! 

The very first step in our decorating process is the Request Quote form. So if you haven’t completed that yet, start here.

After the form is submitted successfully, you should be directed to a Thank You page. That way you know all of your info was sent to my inbox and I can get to work!

Below are the things you can expect after submitting your request.

Step 1

A Hello Email

Look for this usually within 1-2 business days after you submit your Request Quote form. 

In this email, I’ll ask you a few more questions so I can learn more about your preferences. I’ll also want pictures of the event venue to help me dream up ideas, and you’ll find a link to our pricing guide. This guide lists commonly requested designs to give you a better idea of costs. 

Once you have sent pictures and answered our questions, I’ll get to work scheming ways to make this your best event ever!

Step 2

Get Inspired

This next step is one that takes some time – usually 5-7 business days – because I really do have to be inspired! Can’t rush that!! I – and it’s really only me, Gina, in this step – study the pictures you sent, the info you shared, and the purpose of your party. 

From there, I think up ideas to give your event that “wow” factor.

step 3

Send a detailed proposal and you decide

Once inspired, I create a detailed (and beautiful!) proposal where each item is listed, along with the prices. I also include a few images of what inspired me so we – you and me – begin to have a shared vision for this event. 

Now, it’s up to you! You decide which option from the proposal best fits your budget and plans. You let me know, and we’ll get this party started!

step 4

Send an invoice and book the event

It’s now getting official! 🙂

After receiving your decision, I send an invoice through email. You have 1-2 days from the day the invoice is sent to make the first payment and book the event date. You pay 50% in advance, and the remaining amount is due 7 days prior to the event. Balloon Deliveries have to be paid in full at the moment of the order.
In this step, you also must agree to our Terms & Conditions. It includes the usual stuff like our cancellation and rescheduling policies.

step 5

Booking confirmation

Our clients like to know that their money was received and the date saved on our calendar. So, I oblige! Be on the lookout for a confirmation email now.

step 6

Follow-Up Email One to Two Weeks Prior to the Event

It’s official now! We’re in a relationship…a party-planning, can’t-wait-to-see-how-this-thing-turns-out relationship!
So, 1-2 weeks before your event, I check on your progress. Did any colors change? Are things going as planned? Need more balloons than originally thought? Note – I can often increase the amount of balloons (and do so for lots of clients!). But I won’t decrease the number because, at this point in planning, I have already begun ordering materials for your event.

step 7

Begin the balloon work

One to three days before the big day, I – and, once again, it’s just me, Gina, in this phase – start working to make all of our dreaming and scheming come true! 

Guess what my favorite party theme is?! It’s the one I’m currently working on! Seriously, I get so caught up in the décor for each event, that I fall in love all over again with the designs we created together several weeks earlier! 

At this point, I’m cutting ribbons, classifying balloon colors and sizes, preparing frameworks, making tassels, and a million other things. And you, my dear, are putting the finishing touches on your part of the shindig. 

I’ll also send you a reminder email to pay the remaining amount of your bill at this time.

step 8

Party time!

The day of the install! Time to parrrrrrrr-tay. 

I arrive at the venue with the frameworks and bases needed and all of the balloons inflated (i.e., I’ve already spent many hours inflating balloons!). That way, you have less mess and aren’t subjected to hours of inflator noise! 

I work as quickly and quietly as possible to build the balloon designs. I am always professional and neat so that your venue looks stunning when guests arrive.

step 9

Teardown and strike-fee

This step is optional but highly recommended, especially for large events. Not going to lie here…it’s sad! To pop, pop, pop all of those balloons I worked so hard to inflate! 

This service preserves the magic of my balloon designs; you get to enjoy the beauty without seeing and knowing all about the safety ties, pins, and tape! 

At this time, I’ll also gather all of my materials, frames, bases, etc. Please note, if you choose to not pay the Strike Fee and to tear down the balloon designs yourself, you will be responsible for returning all of our materials like bases and stands to me 3 days following the event. 

step 10

Rest and Reminisce of the Great Time Had 😊

Ahhhhhh. Now we – you and I – can relax for a bit…or, at least, until the next big adventure. 🙂 

Please be on the lookout for a Thank You email from me and, included in that email, will be a link for a Google Review. If you liked the services we provided, please tell Google. That little search engine helps send clients my way, and I’ve always looking to work with more wonderful people like you! 🙂

A recap

  • The first step is always the Request Quote form; it initiates our design process. From there, I’ll send a discovery email with questions, a request for pictures of the venue, and a link to our pricing guide. After that, I’ll create a proposal with some balloon design ideas and send them to your inbox. You decide which option best fits your budget and vision, and let me know.
  • Then, I make our party-designing relationship official! I’ll send you an invoice for 50% of the total, and when you pay, you are locking in our services and the event date on our calendar. #happydance
  • I’ll contact you 1-2 weeks prior to the event just to check on your progress and to confirm colors, etc. Then, 1-3 days before the party, I begin the work of inflating balloons, crafting frameworks, tying ribbons, and more. I’ll also send an email reminding you to pay the remaining 50% if you haven’t already.
  • On the day of the event, I’ll do the installation in a timely and professional manner! And, for an additional fee (but usually well worth it!), I’ll return to remove the balloon designs. Otherwise, all of the tearing down is left to you…and it’s a lot of balloons to pop!
  • Balloons never fail to make people happy.” I hope you agree and look forward to working with you!