Balloon Styling

We want you to redefine how you see balloon decor

Gina’s Balloon Decor is an on-site balloon styling company located in Huntsville, Alabama, that specializes in creating modern balloon designs and decorations for all types of events. Our creative and innovative ideas will transform your event from the ordinary to the most talked celebration your guests have ever attended.

Hi there!

My name is Gina

and I am the creative mind behind Gina's Balloon Decor--the one who responds directly to all your messages, the one who works on all the pricing quotes, the one who goes to your party to decorate, and the one who comes back later to take everything down. #Fact - I'm the only Certified Balloon Artist in North Alabama with 14 years of experience in the event and balloon industry.

What's my decorating style? Innovative, creative, elegant, joyful and fun. I carefully work on each design, making sure my clients receive a unique, original work of art that exceeds their expectations.

Jorge Aguinaga Photography + Gina’s Balloon Decor

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