grab & Go

This is for the DIYers!

Grab & Go balloons are balloon bouquets and garlands created by yours truly (me!) in my studio. You’ll come by to grab them & then go party.

Grab & Go

Balloons are perfect……

  • If your event date is not available on my calendar (but you know every party needs balloons. Agreed!)
  • If you’re looking for a cost-effective way to incorporate balloons at your party (You totally should!)
  • If you want to surprise a special person with balloons (Everyone smiles with balloons!) 
  • If you’re a DIYer and party planner extraordinaire (Go get’em!)

The minimum order is $150. You can mix and match options to meet the minimum dollar amount. See pictures below for Grab & Go balloon decor option. Then, start your order on the link below.


Sorry! No available dates for Grab & Go until August 2022. Bookings for September and October open on July 18th, 2022.

You May Be Wondering….

You must schedule design and pickup 2-4 weeks in advance to avoid disappointment when I am already booked or don’t have the materials your vision requires.

Pickup windows are Tuesdays-Thursdays (11:00 am – 3:00 pm). I recommend picking up your garland within 3-5 days of your event date and helium-filled balloons or bouquets 1-2 days before the event. You’ll receive confirmation of your pickup day and time in an email from me after your invoice is paid.

The minimum order is $150. You can mix and match options to meet the minimum dollar amount. See pictures below for Grab & Go balloon decor option. Then, start your order here. 

Yes. Safety is important for me, so a large SUV or minivan is strictly recommended for pickups. You need to come to the studio with (1) the seats down, (2) no car seat and (3) no other passengers in the vehicle. Balloons easily block the vision to the back of the car. I will ask what vehicle you will drive for pickup. (Small SUVs or compact cars don’t fit any of my balloon arrangements. It’s why I have a large van! 😃)

For your reference, 1-3 balloon bouquets or one 6-8 ft. garland will usually fit in a minivan or SUV.

Please note – if garland or bouquets does not fit in your vehicle, same day delivery is not available.  If you have questions about this please email me to prior to ordering!  I suggest grab & go garlands only up to 8 feet.

Grab + Go garlands are a budget-friendly or an alternative to a deluxe balloon installation!

Your Grab & Go garland is made fully by me (Gina) and then are picked up, hung, and styled by you.

Note: Grab & Go garlands will not look like my “Signature Organic Balloon Garlands” that are installed and styled by me on-site.

For the Grab & Go garlands, you can select exactly what colors you want or I can recommend the best color combo if you have an inspiration board or pictures. Don’t worry, each garland comes with all of the materials you’ll need to hang your garland by yourself, along with a step-by-step instructions.

Our Air-Filled products, such as indoor balloon garlands, will last for weeks! Our helium-filled balloons are always treated with Hi-Float. This will increase the floating time from 6-8 hours to 3-5 days.

Environmental factors, including weather, children, pets, different surfaces, hot or cluttered car conditions, and foliage, can jeopardize the lifespan of my creations. I don’t replace balloons popped after the arrangements have left my studio.

*All balloon sales are final.

Happy dance on this side of the computer! I can’t wait to work with you.

For full decorating service start here. You dream it, and I make it happen. From balloon design to installation to clean up, I do it all. And it starts with sharing details about your party on this inquiry form. 

For Grab & Go garlands or bouquets start here. This is for the DIYers! I create balloon bouquets or balloon garlands. And you use them to decorate your event or to surprise your special person. We meet at my studio, and you grab & go with your balloons.